Training camp January week 1 and 2- 2017


Invitation to the training camp in cooperation with Anders Johnson AJ711 MX CAMP.

Time: 2/1 2017 to 16/1 2017

Number of participating drivers: 10 drivers.

Classes: From 65cc to 450cc.


  • Participating drivers $3100
  • Fellow travelers $840 per person or $60 per day.

This includes:


  • Pick up and drop off at the airport in Jacksonville.
  • Lodging.
  • Breakfast and lunch (lunch will only be served in connection with training days).
  • Structured programs with trainer in connection with the driving and physical exercises.
  • Transport between the racing tracks in the area.
  • Exercising on the facilities own racing tracks.
  • 5 days of training with the bikes per week.


The training camp will contain a structured intense schedual with everything from physical exercises to motocross driving and other activities such as svimning, fishing and others during the when we aren’t training.

For more information:


Magnus Gabrielsson: 0708931488


Well met/
Anders, Magnus, Roland and Dick